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Introduction to Yoga

February 14 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 pm

Welcome to a Series of 6 Classes that offer an Introduction to Yoga “Asanas” (Poses).

The emphasis of this Beginner Level Series will be to provide a safe space to breathe, move and connect with yourself & your body, perhaps experiencing a sense of nourishment or peace. Although many can & often do experience great physical (& other) benefits from moving their body in yoga, this class is not an exercise or fitness class. This series will include some fundamental principles of yoga philosophy woven throughout to make for a well-rounded, yet non-secular experience. The environment for this class will be “body-positive,” inclusive, & trauma-informed. All people who are otherwise medically cleared by their physician to participate in “light to moderate physical activity” are welcome & encouraged to attend, participating to their comfort. Participants will be asked to sign a waiver at their first class. It is not necessary to attend all 6 classes, though the intention is to grow together as classes move along.

Registration is preferred, though drop-ins are also welcomed. Please email the instructor, Colleen, at ck2671@gmail.com.

What you can expect to experience:
– A Safe, Neutral Space to show up as Yourself
– To begin to care more about how a pose Feels than how it Looks
– To be encouraged to use props to promote Comfort & Stability
– Neutral Spinal “Alignment” & how it feels in your body
– “Diaphragmatic” Breathing & how you can control your nervous system with it
– Qualities of ideal breathing & an introduction to Pranayama (breathing techniques)
– A Centering practice at the start of each class
– How to lead with your own Breath and connect it to Prana, Energy & Movement
– Warm up Exercises for joints, glands, & key muscles
– Asanas (poses) &how they feel in your body
– Some balancing & light twists both standing & seated
– Time & Space to draw Inward to a peaceful center
– Progressive Systematic Relaxation in Savasana (Corpse Pose)
– Seated Breath Awareness or Short Meditation to end each practice

*This class is scheduled for an hour & 15 minutes in order to allow ample time for Savasana, and seated Breath Awareness, key
components of a complete “Yoga Practice.” Please wear comfortable clothing. Bring a towel for under your neck, a light blanket
to cover yourself & anything else that you might find cozy for relaxation (eye pillow, socks). It is also encouraged to bring along
any props you may have (bolster, blocks) though an extra blanket or books work just as well.

*This instructor is seeking Certification through the Himalayan Institute & Registration with The Yoga Alliance as an RYT, and
is therefore, at this time, offering these classes Free of charge. That said, donations will gratefully be accepted for Yogis in
Service, a non-profit yoga center that makes yoga accessible to all reaches of our local community. Additionally, answering 3-5
feedback questions (anonymously) at the completion of the series would be greatly appreciated.


February 14
10:00 am - 11:15 pm
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