Vinyasa Yoga 1/26

Vinyasa style class. Enjoy 60 minutes of mindful movement, focusing on breath, alignment, and stretching. All levels welcome! Please bring a yoga mat and any yoga props you might have!Continue reading "Vinyasa Yoga 1/26"


Healing Meditation Group 2/22

An immersive guided event where we will combine multiple healing and cleansing modalities to create a soul clearing, heart centering experience. The intention is to create a safe space for like minded individuals to gather, share, heal, and grow on all levels. What you can expect: Intentional Smoke Cleansing Tibetian Singing Bowl Sound Bath GroundingContinue reading "Healing Meditation Group 2/22"


Restorative Yoga 2/24

Enjoy this 60 minute, Restorative Yoga class meant to fully relax the body and calm the mind. Most, if not all, of the class will be on the floor and poses are held for a few minutes to allow the body to rest. While most styles of yoga are active, Restorative is completely passive. PleaseContinue reading "Restorative Yoga 2/24"