Nutrition Coaching Services

Now offering coaching online & in person!

Packages Available – Commit to becoming the best version of yourself!

1. The Journey Begins

Jump-start your journey to a healthier you by beginning to build consistent nutrition habits!
*typically a 2 month experience*

  • Initial Consultation
  • 6 Follow-up Sessions
  • Grocery Store Tour OR Pantry Makeover, your choice


2. Total Transformation

You’re committed to becoming the best version of yourself. Now it’s time to transform the way you nourish your body!
*a 3-4 month experience*

  • Initial Consultation
  • 10 Follow-up Sessions
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Pantry Makeover


Initial Consultation

Develop a personal relationship with your nutritionist by discussing health history and current eating patterns. Share concerns and preferences, and work together to develop goals that can be accomplished through personalized nutrition education, eating plans, accountability, and other nutrition services. Initial consultations include a variety of forms, guidelines, and handouts to set you up for success.

90 mins / $80

Follow-Up Sessions

You can book as many follow-up sessions as you would like, tailored to help you meet your goals. Follow-ups may include (but are not limited to) a variety of the following: review of food logs and goal progression; accountability checks and motivation techniques; education in nutrition guidelines, whole foods, and disease prevention; and suggestions for meal planning, preparing, and shopping.

45 mins / $40

Once we begin working together, consider one of these experiences!

Grocery Store Tour

Let me shop with you! Receive aisle-by-aisle advice on finding food items, making healthy selections, and reading and comparing nutrition labels. Together we can tackle your whole foods, plant-based shopping list and jump start you into your nutritional journey.

1 hour / $50 individual

Bring your family or friends! Small group shopping is available for adults (ages 16 & up), up to six people, for an additional $15/each.

Pantry Makeover

I provide an in-home visit to assist in removing “problematic” items from your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer. Together we will restock and reorganize for success! (A sample shopping list/whole food, plant-based guidelines will be provided in advance.)

1 hour / $50

Meal Prep Tutorial

Feeling nervous about diving into a new way of eating, or about preparing foods that are new to your family? I will provide an in-home visit to model meal preparations for a week and guide you through some new recipes that your family will love! (A sample shopping list/whole food, plant-based guidelines will be provided in advance.)

2 hours / $100

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