Setting Up for Success

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

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We set goals all the time. Or at least, we THINK we do…

We tell ourselves things like, “This week I’m going to the gym more,” or “I’m going to eat more salads.”

For years now I’ve been saying, “This year I’m going to be able to do a handstand,” yet, have I ever actually accomplished this goal? NOPE. Because I’ve never made a plan for how to.

Your goals may be simple: Eat healthier snacks. Go to bed earlier. Get to work on time.

Your goals may be a little more challenging: Lower cholesterol levels. Run faster.

Maybe they’re HUGE: Get promoted. Run a marathon. Lose a lot of weight. Pay off debt.

Whatever your goal is, you need to PLAN FOR SUCCESS. Visualize getting there, create your road map, and build in the support you need to achieve it.

Successful people are not successful on accident. They write their goals down frequently because words have power. They plan for it, work for it, and build their habits to support the goals that they have. It’s great if I want to do a handstand, or eat more raw vegetables, or whatever your goal is, but watching Netflix isn’t going to help me accomplish it. I have to dedicate time and effort in a purposeful way.

**Disclaimer: Netflix can have a valid place in your life. Helping you achieve your goals just isn’t it.

ONE MORE THING: Be realistic. You are a human with a busy life. Think about what you actually hope to accomplish to make yourself healthier or happier, and choose a time-frame that is doable for your life. If you can spend just 15 mins a day (less than one episode) working toward your goal, you will make progress. Focus on progress, not perfection, friends.

Ready for a look into HOW I plan for success?

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