Beating the “Winter Blues”

Notice yourself sinking into a slump during the winter?

Cold, snow, and clouds have you wanting to go back to bed?

You’re not alone! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very real and can affect people in a variety of ways. Even without a SAD diagnosis, you might experience low interest, low energy, lack of interest in your usual favorite things, etc.

In the video below from Instagram, I chat w/ my friend Sarah Connelly about why we feel so “down” in the winter time & what we can do to boost our mood! We talk about changing thought patterns, focusing on self care, mindfulness, light therapy, and more.

Things we mention that you may find helpful:

• Vitamin B Complex (vegan):
• Vitamin D w/ K2 (vegetarian):
• LED Light Therapy Lamp:

What is one thing you can practice this year to support your mental health? 🤍 Leave a comment (here or on Instagram) and let us know!

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